5 Must-Have Business Credit Cards for Startups in 2021

The importance of business credit cards, especially to startups, cannot be over-emphasized. A business credit card makes your business life much easier in several ways. Assessments under reviewsbird.co.uk reveal that the use of business credit cards has facilitated convenience for companies.

While one can opt for personal credit cards for business transactions, most credit companies opine that business credit cards provide additional benefits which basically ease the task of tracking business expenses. Some of these benefits include; convenient account recordings, flexible borrowing, easier expense management, spending rewards and many more.

For startups, it is advised you obtain business credit cards as they help facilitate your business experience. Here are 5 must-have business credit cards for Startups in 2021:

1.  Ink Business Preferred Credit Card: Best Sign Up Bonus

To earn substantial and flexible rewards points on your small business expenses, the Ink Business Preferred Credit Card is one of the best. It is an ideal business card companion for sign up bonuses. The Ink Business Preferred Credit Card earns UR points, and while you can keep them on that card and separate from the rest of your stash, you can also combine them with the rest of your points. These points can be traded for cash back, transferred to frequent flyer and hotel loyalty partners , or used to purchase travel with a 25% bonus (or a 50% bonus if you move your points over to your Chase Sapphire Reserve ).

2.  The Business Platinum Card from American Express: Best for Premium Travel Perks

This is presently one of the best cards for travel expenses. The small business version of American Express’ famed Platinum Card used to be our pick for the top business card, but the annual fee has since increased and it has become a bit more of a niche product potentially useful for small businesses that require a lot on flights and travels.

3. Capital One Spark Miles: For 2x Miles on Everything

The Capital One Spark Miles for Business is a great option if you don’t want a complicated rewards credit card strategy. You can transfer them to more than 10 airline partners or you can use miles to “wipe” your business’ travel expenses from your credit card statement. Beyond that, you can redeem miles for cash back or gift cards. If you don’t want to be locked into just one way to use your rewards, this card would be very helpful.

4.  Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card: For Best Cash-Back Experience

The Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card will help you earn unlimited 1.5% cash back. However, the Ink Business Unlimited has a subtle trick. Although the card is marketed as “cash back,” it actually earns Ultimate Rewards points that you can redeem for cash (1 point = $0.01). That means that you can combine the points earned from the Ink Business Unlimited Credit Card with the ones you earn from cards like the Ink Preferred, or the personal Sapphire Reserve, and either earn a bonus when you redeem them for travel through Chase, or transfer them to travel partners . Combined with an Ink Business Preferred Credit Card , you will get a guaranteed 1.53 points per dollar spent.

5.  American Express Business Gold Card: Best for Big Spenders

The American Express Business Gold Card is a good alternative if you need a credit card for lesser annual fees. Depending on your spending habits, the Business Gold could really be a more rewarding choice. It offers you the opportunity to earn 4x points on popular business expense classifications.

Final Notes

Business credit cards are crucial for businesses, especially startups. The various business credit cards have edges over one another in different aspects, as they may be best for some services and may not be for others. Listed above are a number of essential business credit cards which can help in facilitating a startup’s business.