Kid’s Clothes Have All Options Like The Adult


The global kidswear market is estimated to grow at dynamic speed, outgrowing other apparel and footwear industry. Parents with more disposable income are more interested in buying chic, fashionable clothes for their children; this is one reason for the growing kidswear market. Manufacturers and clothing wholesalers are more conscious and focused on the quality of kidswear. This domain of clothing was not considered as a lucrative mainstream market earlier. But it is now flourished to such a stature that even the most leading apparel brands are thriving to have piece of the pie. The market value of global kidswear stood at a whopping US$203.4 billion in 2017. It is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 8.1{f3280aef32618a26fc5fc50950c24a5d0aaeef761bee4a9e183c5538759f1888}, bypassing both men’s and women’s wear.

The evolution

Kids clothing manufacturers provide such varied and extensive fashionable, elegant dresses that it leaves the fashion world of adults far behind. Parents, who are more informed and fashion-conscious, buy the kid’s attire more carefully and cautiously. The recent trend in kidswear fashion is replicas of adult wear. The Elsa and Anna nightgown dress is attracting the attention of many baby girls. These nightgowns for girls are inspired by frozen 2. The satin bodice and shoulders with silver snowflakes make your little girl looks like a fairy princess.

The stepping stone for a brighter future

Brands and designers come with creative, stylish outfits for kids to carter the growing demand and popularity of this market. Their parents dress toddlers, but teens and pre-teens are showing their own choices and preferences. The teens are more conscious about the latest trends and fashions.21{f3280aef32618a26fc5fc50950c24a5d0aaeef761bee4a9e183c5538759f1888} of global attire sales is dominated by kidswear in 2017, which was more than 3{f3280aef32618a26fc5fc50950c24a5d0aaeef761bee4a9e183c5538759f1888} of the projected figure. As middle-class segments have more disposable income and desire to don their kid in fashionable wear, this domain is expected to grow at a robust rate.

29{f3280aef32618a26fc5fc50950c24a5d0aaeef761bee4a9e183c5538759f1888} of the population belongs to the age group zero to fourteen; kids dress manufacturers and brands are looking to expand their capacity and variety.

The luxury kidswear is still in baby steps, but it is growing to flourish with ongoing e-commerce and online shopping. With the rapid expansion of international brands and booming middle-class Asia Pacific region is the fastest-growing market for kidswear. The market of this region was Euro44.1 billion in 2015 and estimated to be around Euro65.1 billion by 2020.

All about comfort

The main essence of a kid’s cloth is comfort; do not buy a dress with an itchy fabric, or with a dreadful lining. Kids are the center of a family; parents are more concerned about the appearance of their child. Kids are airing their opinion about their dress; all these factors are fueling the growth of kidswear globally. The sales of kidswear increased by 15{f3280aef32618a26fc5fc50950c24a5d0aaeef761bee4a9e183c5538759f1888} to 20{f3280aef32618a26fc5fc50950c24a5d0aaeef761bee4a9e183c5538759f1888} on year to year basis. With spaghetti tops, Capris, jeans, Italian cuts, and extensive party wear, the choice is endless in the domain of kidswear. Children are more fashion-savvy, ready to experiment with new styles and trends.